Rolonka, creation in Sound

is originated from a collaberation between the two energetic therapists Roos Beekveldt and Ilonka Verlaan.

We noticed that if we put out skills together we are more then the sum of its parts. This creates a very powerful energetic Boost. We follow our soul mission to help humanity and create a new devine love here on earth  as well as a new immunesystem. The frequenty will raise. We experience a lot of help from the angels and other creatures. We feel blessed with our gifts and love sharing it with others. 



About Ilonka:

Ilonka is a person that is always looking deeper and is feeling what and who people are and what they need. Without taking away their own life lessons. 

Sound and frequencies are a common thread in her life and she loves to apply this in the Boost. 

Helping people and walking along on someone´s life path is what she likes to do. She also enjoys looking for peace in nature and likes to walk with her dogs on the unknown paths. She is curious on how to help herself to a higher conciousness and is grateful what comes her way. The goal is helping humanity and mother earth to a more peaceful and loving place so we can live in harmony together.


Spriritual C.V

  • Reiki level 1&2
  • Ngalso Chagwang Reiki
  • Traditional Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls ans Self-Healing
  • Energetic Ohmpuncture resonance therapist:
  1. Intuitive development and prevent yourself
  2.  Basictreatment and Self reflect
  3. Chakra tuning fork
  4. Intuitive sound massage and Cupping
  5. Therapeutic work with the gong and healing power of sound
  6. Teacher for Energetic Ohmpuncture.

About Roos:

Roos is a person that is eager to set the next step in her development. With her interest in human emotions she analizes a situation to learn from and always tries to help others.

She loves to travel and  is happy to spend time in nature. Especially water plays a big role in her life. 

The feeling of freedom she gained as a reward on hard work on herself is the drive for wanting to help others to do the same. Simply because it makes life so much easier. 




Spiritual C.V

  • Reiki Master level 3
  • Reiki Teacher level 4
  • Intuitive Development beginners & advanced
  • Universal White Time Healing level 1,2 and 3: Chakra balancing, cleaning of auras, distance healing, correcting of leaking energies, total balancing of the body, body scanning and working with the higher energies and signs.
  • Angel Board
  • Mindset mastery
  • Source language with animals and babies