Do´s and Don´ts

How to book a Boost:

Go to the booking page and click on ¨more information¨

On this page you can select the date and time wich is suitable for you to receive the Boost.

You can book until 1 hour before the Boost starts. After this time the Boost will not be send to you.

Finish as a normal online purchase :-) Thank you!


During the Boost you can lie down or sit relaxed in a place where you feel comfortable and undisturbed. You can even receive a Boost whilst you are asleep in case of a timezone difference. The more relaxed you are the more effective the Boost will be.

You can book as many Boosts as you like :-) We advise a 48 hours break between the Boosts (or longer if you feel that you are still processing). Remember there is ALWAYS a next step in your development so please feel welcome to receive as many Boosts as you like  as they will help you take the next step.

Everyone has their own unique response during and after a Boost. Some examples are: feeling energies, goosebumps, feeling more relaxed, feeling stronger, vibrations (like a buzzer inside), less physical pain or an emotional reaction differently in a situation. 

Do not be concerned if you do not feel much of a difference immediately. The impact of the Boost will appear after it has completed whatever it is processing. Also note that the Boost can start prior to the actual Boost if you set your intentions.

How to set your intentions for your Boost.

You can set intentions on fysical, emotional and spiritual levels if you like.

Write down your intentions and read them prior to the Boost.

For examples: I would like to work on my left hip wich is very painful. I can use more compassion in my life and less anger. Let me be more open for my guides so I can have more insights. Thank you!


What would you like to change on a physical level?

What do you want less in your life? I would like to work on the pain in my right hip.

What do you want more in your life? I would like more energy in daily life. Or more flexibility.

What would you like to change on an emotional level?

Less of anger and grieve.

More of joy and peace.

What would you like to change on a spiritual level?

Less of negative vibrations.

More of connection with the angels.

How to cancel the Boost:

Go to the contact page and fill in the form. Write down in the remarks wich Boost you would like to cancel. Cancellation will be taken in consideration until 1 hour before the starting time. 

Example: I would like to cancel the Boost on date 04-09-2020 and time 14.00 

Ther will be no refund of the payed amount. You can book another healing instead.

How does Rolonka cancel an energetic development Boost?

We always try to deliver the energetic development Boost. In the case we have to cancel you will receive an email on the mail adress that is known to us. We will let you know on wich date and time we will cancel the boost.

Important notes:

  • Please don´t drive your car or chop down a tree. ;-)
  • A Boost is not suitable for anyone with implants (ie. pacemaker)
  • Do not book a boost when you have psychological issues such as psychosis and epileptic seizures. 
  • Do not get a Boost if you are pregnant.
  • Ensure that your watch and phone is off your body.
  • Receive a Boost for yourself, do not book a Boost for someone else.
  • Book only if you are at least 18 years old.
  • Cancel the Boost if you can not make it!!


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