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Join our Mission!

Our mission is to help humanity make the next step in their development. With the Energetic Development Boost we work on fysical, emotional and spiritual blockages. The goal is to clear these blockages to gain happiness and a divine form of love. So book as many Boosts as you like! 



How can you join our mission?

Tell people you know to get an Energetic Development Boost. The more people we can help the stronger the effect for humanity will be. You will experience more happiness when surrounded by happier people ;-) When we raise the frequency  of more people we reach a tipping point wich will spread the energy to the rest of society.

So please share!!

With these actions we can reach more people.......YES!!!

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Make a donation!

Currently, we are  giving these healings for FREE because at this moment the world is in a crisis and we want to help as many people as we can, also those with financial difficulties. For those financially comfortable who are willing to make a donation, every Euro will be highly appreciated and received with gratitude. It will enable us to continue this journey and offer Boosts to those who cannot afford it. 

You can make a selection in the pay scaling button in the booking form or make a donation at:

* Rolonka, creation in sound * NL81BUNQ2042984477 * Bic/Swift: BUNQNL2AXXX

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Thank you so much for helping us so we can help others!